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Is the coding interview an Over Used Word?

There is so much critisism over this term that I had to put my two cents in. Yes marketers are using this frequently and yes ...

29 Jan 2015

Running Local Server Commands For Ruby On Rails

I have been working with ruby on rails recently and wanted to make a cheat sheet for all the command lines that need to be ...

9 May 2014

Y Combinator Startups Having No Problem Finding Investments

What is an accelerator? I wasn’t exactly sure what this meant, so I went looking it up online. From my understanding there are companies out ...

8 Oct 2013
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Startups To Start Advertising For Funding

That is correct! September 23rd the law went into effect that allows startups to advertise their businesses to accredited investors. What does this mean for ...

4 Oct 2013

A Few Interesting Websites for Summer 2013

It has been awhile since I have done a review on some sweet websites out there. Let’s begin. The first one is Maily. This creative ...

10 Jul 2013

5 Best WordPress Plugins

Looks like wordpress is here to stay. There has been a battle on which is the best CMS system out there and wordpress has kicked ...

26 Jun 2013

Grow Your Website Meetup Group

We finally did it. After many (and I mean many) attempts to setup a meetup group we finally got approved! Let me first start off ...

20 Jun 2013
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Video Tutorial Startup Taking Off

Let us first talk about video tutorials in general. The way that people are learning has been changing for quite some time now. If you ...

9 May 2013

Square Space Not There Yet

I have been hearing a lot of buzz about this new website building platform called Square Space. I really like using gui programs to make ...

24 Apr 2013

Wedding Website Spring Special!

Ahhh beautiful spring/summer is approaching and love is in the air. Chances are you going to attend a wedding sometime soon or be in one! ...

22 Apr 2013