Strong and Innovative Design

My Services will help you successfully achieve your goal. I am proud of each project that we do and look forward to every new challenge

Whether you are in search for a new brand logo, want to rank first page for a keyword, or desire a redesign of your current website, I can provide high quality services to you. I look through websites, videos, and graphics all day. It’s important to me to provide the most current and innovative products out there. View our the list below and choose what best fits your needs.


All Different Sizes & Styles

My Websites look as good on the outside as they function on the inside. I place a lot of stock in writing proper and validated code. HTML5 and CSS3 create fast loading and stable structures.

I have seen too many websites out there that just look awful. It is very important to me and to you that your website look better then the rest. Chances are if your website is more then a couple years old you can use an upgrade.

  • HTML5, Javascript, PHP, CSS3, Ruby ON Rails, SASS
  • Content Management (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla)
  • Website Maintenance & Management
  • Dynamic (Think Facebook)
  • E-Commerce

Make An Impression With Images

Viewers don’t give us a whole lot of time to impress them. That is why pixel perfect graphics are necessary to captivate your audience.

I am a designer and can come up with your vision through my creativity. I try to keep it clean and simple.

  • Logo Design, Business Card Design, Brand Identity
  • Website Graphics, Media Presentations
  • Brochures, Magazine, Ads

Gain More Exposure

Getting more people to see your content needs to be planned out and should not be underrated. A major benefit to marketing online is your efforts can be tracked!

What good is an amazing website that can’t be found on any search engine? There are many different avenues to take to gain the exposure that you need to grow your business. Find out which one is the right one for you.

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Social Media Management
  • SEM – Adwords, Yahoo PPC
  • Website Analytics Reporting

I Will Look It Up On My Phone

The phone is not what it used to be. Smart phones have changed the way we receive information in a big way. We recognize this large market and offer services that can reach your mobile audience.

To understand the tweet you must be a tweeter. Social networking is an extremely powerful tool if you can understand how it works. Let us manage and market your social networks to gain more targeted visitors and get people talking about your product or service. Increase your following and stay consistent with posting.

  • iPhone/iPad/Droid Apps
  • Mobile Website Developement
  • Social Media Marketing & Management

The Power of Media

Video is a huge part of the web and is becoming more popular each day. More and more viewers are connecting there computers to their tvs using HDMI chords.

Video sites like Youtube and Vimeo are becoming dominant players in sharing information. Use your media to gain credibility with your audience.

  • Commercials, Dynamic Video
  • Motion Graphics, Mobile Video Platforms
  • Social Media Integration