macsWhat is an accelerator? I wasn’t exactly sure what this meant, so I went looking it up online. From my understanding there are companies out there that help beginning stage startups prepare for the big dog investors. They are there to mentor and even make small investments in your startup. They sometimes will invest in about 15% of your company. It appears that many of these investments are around the $20,000 range. In researching about these accellerators, the name Y Combinator kept coming up. They are a silicon valley acceleartor that invests a small amount of money 14k to 20k in a small number of startups, around 52.

The first thing I did was go to the website to check them out. Wow, they definitley need help in the design department. They obviously don’t care about the look of their website and have gained street credit else where. I guess it helps that Paul Graham is well known in the area. They still could have someone help them out with their design. If you plan to apply they have two deadlines. One for the winter session and one for the summer. Their program takes three months and has had many successful businesses come out of it.

Recently they just finished their summer session and added all their pitches to youtube. I noticed that a ton of these companies have been receiving money for their startups on websites like Wefunder and Angel List. Some of the stand out companies are Asseta, One Month Rails, Sound Focus. Ycominator has come a long way since the begining of the company in March 2005.

One difficult obstacle that I thought of is what if you get accepted and you don’t live in the silicon valley? You have to be there for three months for the program and the friends and collegues that you will meet, most likely will live there too. I guess that would be a good problem to have though.

There is a lot of extensive information on their website about what kind of things go on in the program. There are dinners where established founders present and talk about their past experiences. There is also the very big demo day at the end. Investors flock to this demo day to see what kind of websites are coming out of the program. It is almost like the draft for a sports team. All the big guys are there and willing to dish out some money.

Also through the program each week there are small presentations done to show the progress that you have made and what cool features you have created. Another important fact that I am interested in is if they give you money while you are there. We all have day jobs and need to support ourselves. I couldn’t find anywhere that talked about helping financially while you build your startup. It should be really cool to see what comes out of this acceleartor for the winter session. I wonder if the summer or winter programs produce better startups? Only time will tell.

  • James Cruz

    good job dude. y combinator seems like the best choice.