It has been awhile since I have done a review on some sweet websites out there. Let’s begin. The first one is Maily. This creative website is designed so little kids can learn to send emails. The email interface is as kid friendly as you can get. Have you seen how good kids are with ipads? I guess that is why these guys thought the next natural step would be able to send emails as well. They can add images draw with their fingers and easily send to whomever they want. To send an email they just click a really big send button and choose the picture of the person they want to send to.

Sounds pretty easy right? I haven’t downloaded the app just watched the video, which I placed below. Check it out and let me know what you think.

For those of you out there who like to get away from the computer, tv, and everything else urban. All trails is a good website for you. It is a user based website that lets you view marked out trails all around the world. There is a cool rating system that lets you see how well liked a particular trail is. There are really good details given like how long the hike takes and distance. One cool feature is that people can add photos in different parts of the trail so you can know exactly what it looks like.

I am a little conflicted on how much I want to know about a the trail before going on it, but I am sure that this would contribute to less people going on trails they are not ready for. Another great aspect of this website that they don’t promote as much is that you can meet others who share the love of the outdoors.

There is a member section where you can view all the members in your area. They also display who has hiked the most trails and who has hiked the most distance. Funny how you would turn this into a competition. They too have a video and here it is.

The last website that I am going to recommend is Squiggle. Working remotely is becoming much more popular, but you loose some of that face to face interaction. These guys have created a platform that allows you to work together as if you were in the same room. You can talk, share screens, or even work on code together. I am guessing that it is not as good as working next to someone, but through the demo I was still pretty impressed. You can message each other and share code super easily. It all goes through a feed which is nice so you can view past comments. After all, it is nice to go back and let your co worker know that he actually said something totally different.


The price is pretty reasonable at $9 per month per person, but there is not that much information to lead to a commitment for this. They do offer a free trial, but very little information on why squiggly is better then say a skype or other similar website. Will keep an eye out for these guys and complete another test run. Please let me know if you guys have good or bad experiences with them.


Last but not least is an av estimating software program called jetbuilt. They help cut your av generation of proposals in a quarter of the time. The design is very well done and the thing is fast!