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ruby_web_designI have been hearing a lot of buzz lately about this amazing framework ruby on rails. Not that many people know how to develop in it from my understanding, which leaves an opportunity for someone to become really good at it.

It is an open source framework that was developed for sustainability and keeping the programmer in mind. I heard that it is incredibly fast and allows you develop websites really quickly. You need to know your way around the computer because it uses the terminal to create files. Sometimes command lines scare me, but I am used to it with using GIT. Some very large and popular websites use it, which is a good sign, like Groupon, Twitter, Shopify, and Hulu.

Rails was created by David Hansson and has quite a bit of contributors. It is a very fast growing framework and might take over the developer world! Possibly?

There are some screencasts on Ruby on Rails to get you started. Take your time and don’t worry about being confused that is all part of the process. Improved performance and faster developing times, is what to expect after you master this language. Well… at least that is what people are saying. I will write another article after, I have test drove this framework for myself. Leave comments if you have any experience with it.