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grow_websitesWe finally did it. After many (and I mean many) attempts to setup a meetup group we finally got approved! Let me first start off by telling you how difficult it was to get my meetup group approved and launched. Setting up a meetup group is pretty straight forward. They have a step by step process where you fill out the information they ask for and mildly add some design touches to your group.

One thing that they don’t let you know is that after your meetup group is all done and you have spent an hour or two setting it up, it will go through a very tight review. These review guys are border line insane. I submitted my meetup 3 times before my 4th one was approved. The rejections were pretty much the same each time. They would send a generic

“Unfortunately, we’re unable to pre-approve groups for announcement. I recommend that when you re-create your group, you utilize your group’s description and welcome message to clearly convey that the group is intended to be a community. For more information, you can consult our group community guidelines here:”

Then they provide you with a link that you probably have already read. Just thinking about it gets me agravated again. So, I wanted to post this tip to help those of you out there that are running into the same problem. Here is what I did.

  • On the group description they provide some examples of a good description
  • Copy one of these and make it make sense for whatever your group is about
  • Make sure there are no promotions or name dropping of any kind.
  • You are asked to write a short bio for yourself. Keep it light and don’t drop any names, like where you work or anything like that.
  • This is important! After you submit your group, send an email to and explain in an email that you are not sure why your group has not gotten approved and you just submitted one that follows all the regulations. Make sure to give them your full name and email address for your account so they can look it up.

That’s it! Hopefully they approve your group. Mine was approved the next day, which I will talk about.

Growing a website is very difficult. There are so many places that we can improve and  I am not just talking about marketing. I started OC Growing Websites to get together with website owners who are running into the same struggles. We just had our first meeting and it was a great success. We had about 20 people attend and got to hear from everyone. There were some really good suggestions thrown out and I am excited for the next meeting. If you are in the Orange County area, please join us and learn how to grow your website.

weddingsAhhh beautiful spring/summer is approaching and love is in the air. Chances are you going to attend a wedding sometime soon or be in one! There are so many details that are involved with a wedding it can stress people out big time. One way to help with all the questions is to have a awesome and very informative website.

Many people are very traditional and want to send out invitations and save the dates. I don’t know about you guys, but I get these in the mail and say “oh that’s nice” and throw them away. It might be because I am a guy, but I am thinking that there are others like that as well. I recently found out that those invitations can cost hundreds of dollars and hours of time.

There are some free wedding websites out there like the knot and ewedding that offer some good resources for getting started with your wedding. We don’t really recommend using them for your website because they only offer templated out do it yourself designs. That would be cool if they used nice templates, but they don’t. They are pretty tacky, take some time to create, and not so elegant. Another great resource for inspiration is Pinterest, as you probably know. A lot of wedding coordinators will ask to view a board that you have created to get an idea of what you like and your style of the perfect wedding.


Why not send an email for save the date and have a website for your invitation? Here are a few benefits.

  • It’s saves a lot of time and money. You still have to get everyone’s email address, but shooting off emails gets pretty easy when you have the full list. 
  • People are connected to their emails! Most out there nowadays have their emails connected to their phones and get an update as soon as it is received. They will see your save the date almost immediately after you send it and mark it down in their calendars.
  • RSVP. On the website you can create a  a form for all your RSVPS’s. Use google docs to keep an online spreadsheet of all your guests info. You can create a column for name, email, number attending, and rsvp. No more sifting through return cards and writing in everything.
  • Helping the environment. Saving paper makes us feel good and helps the environment. Save a tree.
  • There are those who don’t have an email, but most likely they are pretty old or not tech capable. In that case give them call directly. Most likely you would have had to call these people anyway to remind them about all the dates and RSVP. The number should be below 10.

With all this said. Dreaming Blue is offering an amazing deal of $1200 for you wedding website. This includes:

  1. An incredible home page with a great transition slideshow
  2. Information page that has all the wedding details. People will not be calling you to ask “where is it? or what time does it start?”
  3. Elegant visual links to your registry
  4. An RSVP contact form that sends an email to you instantly after someone fills out there information.

We hope you choose us to help create the website of your dreams for your special day.

I Have Moved!

I am so excited to announce my new office location in beautiful San Juan Capistrano. This means more space for all our tech gadgets, more elbow room, and more designing. I also plan on having client meetings here. There is a great downtown area that we can take you for a bite to eat. Here is a list of places on Yelp.