Deliver An Experience

My design is meant to deliver an experience or feeling while maintaining a high level of functionality. Technology that looks good.
modern developer tools

Watch suggestions on some great tools to improve your development!

Knowing the right tools to get and master can take years. All the developer tools that I go over are free to download.

The class is being offered on Skillshare. I have spent countless hours of testing new products narrowing my recommended toolset for the modern developer.. Here are some of tools I go over:

  • Slack
  • 1Password
  • Atom

I care about the quality of  work.

I work in orange county and produce the highest quality work I can. It is important that my clients feel comfortable and excited about their projects.

I treat each project like our own and use all my resources to create creative works of art. Great quality doesn’t just apply to visuals only. Quality to me is an end product that satisfies clients along with their customers. I have the know how to guide you through the process.

  • Clean & Simple Designs
  • Easy To Operate User Interface
  • Intuitive Flow

Tap Into My Creative Mind

Creativity has no limits. Digital technology has not changed artistic expression, only given it another vehicle to express itself with. We use music, video, images, graphics, all to create an experience that helps your target audience to relate.

The computer and phone have become the new age canvases. Information being exchanged through a digital device is only on the rise and we plan to help you be a part of it.

  • Web Design
  • Modern Media
  • Motion Graphics
  • Brand Identity

Keep It Simple & Clean

One of our core values I have is not to complicate things. This applies to creative designs, marketing campaigns, orange county web design, everything! Clean to me, implies less time and more efficient. Who wants to sift through messy web design code to solve a small problem.

Websites are not meant to be a challenge to use. An easy to follow user interface is a must, to achieve the desired experience. I am not trying to take the creativity out, just the distractions and unnecessary mess.

  • Web WC3 Standards
  • IOS, Java
  • Digital Media Compression Standards

Most Recent Projects

Here are some of my most recent projects. Check out my projects tab at the top to view more.